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FloodLum Software

FloodLum is a  specialised software created at the Lighting Technology Division of the Warsaw University of Technology. It is dedicated to development of object floodlighting projects. It enables multimedia projection of dynamically variable luminance distribution to the real object. It creates photorealistic lighting visualizations.

FloodLum allows to edit and save photometric data files. It performs lighting analysis of floodlighting projects by generating: luminance or illuminance distribution with the number of luminaires used and the installed electrical power.

FloodLum is based on the use of luminaires photometric files, objects daylight photographs
and a multimedia projector.

Advantages of the FloodLum software:

  • multiple reducing of the time needed to create a floodlighting project,
  • development of multi-variant concepts of the floodlighting project without a need to build a 3D model of the object,
  • developing of the floodlighting projects in the form of photorealistic computer simulations using a single tool,
  • field trials of floodlighting without the use of  lighting equipment
  • measuring of the  luminance and illuminance at any point or area,
  • the ability to create and modify Luminous Intensity Distribution realizing the intended lighting effects,
  • simulation of floodlighting effects coming from luminaires  being in the designing or  production phase,
  • analysis of the demand for a new lighting equipment.

More information: Rafał Krupiński, DSc PhD, Prof. WUT

e-mail: rafal.krupinski@pw.edu.pl    Install

Short advertisement of the FloodLum software

Short presentation how FloodLum works